Hello! We are multi brand store in Tokyo. 3 shops in SENDAGI, MATSUYA GINZA and ODAKYU SHINJUKU

Welcome to goldandbouncy!

Welcome to goldandbouncy!

Hello! We are a multi brand store with 3 shops in Tokyo, GINZA, SHINJUKU and SENDAGI. We select and introduce exciting fashion items such as jewelry, bags, and hats from Japanese and overseas desiners.

Until 2020, many customers from overseas visited our stores and liked our selections. In particular, our old Tokyu Plaza Ginza store was visited by many overseas customers.

Since it became difficult to meet in person and offer items, we decided to open an online shop for overseas markets and started on March 30, 2021.

Now that we can contact via email and SNS, we wish you would visit our online shop as if you are visiting our real shop!