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Smile Necklace/K18 ruby

KOMI is a jewelry brand founded by Jo Hwa-Young, who honed her jewelry-making skills in New York, and Atsushi Koizumi, who worked in an architectural firm in New York. While the designs are unique and fun, they are made using authentic jewelry materials.

This necklace has a cute smiley face motif with ruby eyes shining in a heart clasp.

Made in Japan

material K18, ruby
size Smile motif: 7mm in diameter, chain length: 41cm (including 3cm adjuster)

Each face is made by hand. Each face is made by hand, not by pressing, so it is difficult to make the same face perfectly. There may be slight differences in the line holes and minor scratches may occur during the process. Please be aware of this before purchasing.
  • ¥43,000