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Fairy pierced earrings/rubyx green agate, pink sapphire/K10

This is a luxurious design from bohem's "Fairy Collection" that combines a removable bushy part with a cut chain for a more color-matched look. The shine of the cut rubies and the K10 chain that sparkles with movement make these earrings wonderful.

The earring parts are detachable. The earrings are detachable, so you can match them with your existing earrings and enjoy various arrangements.

Made in Japan

material ruby, pink sapphire, green agate, pierced post / K10, metal / silver 925 + K18 coating

size Ruby / approx. W10mm in diameter, Green agate / approx. 6mm in diameter, Pink sapphire / approx. 3mm in diameter, Total / approx. W13 x H33mm

The color and shape of the natural stones on each side are carefully selected and combined.
However, because they are natural, the patterns and sizes may vary slightly.
The color of the image and the actual product may differ slightly depending on the terminal environment used by the customer.
The designer purchases all natural stones one by one. However, due to price issues, some of them may have flaws, which we judge to be more attractive than the flaws (size, color, shape, etc.) and finish the jewelry. Please understand this before purchasing.
  • ¥48,000