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Fairy clip earrings/london blue topaz x pink sapphire, tanzanite/K10

Enjoy the shape, the color, the idea, and the now with jewelry from "bohem". From the popular "Fairy Collection" comes a cute earring type with multi-colored natural stones peeking out from under the earlobe. The soft clip type with silicone makes them gentle to wear.

The color combination of transparent blue topaz and multi-colored natural stones makes these earrings elegant.

Made in Japan

material London Blue Topaz, multi-colored natural stones (Tanzanite, Pink Sapphire, Carnelian), metal / Silver 925 + K18 coating

size London Blue Topaz / approx. W10 x H7mm, Tanzanite / approx. 3.5mm in diameter, Pink Sapphire / approx. 2.5mm in diameter, Carnelian / approx. 3mm in diameter, Overall / approx. 16 x 15mm

The color and shape of the stones on the left and right sides are carefully selected and combined, but because they are natural, there are slight variations in the patterns and sizes.
The color of the image and the actual product may differ slightly depending on the terminal environment used by the customer.

  • ¥36,000