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10 Cats Ring (S)

KOMI is a jewelry brand founded by Jo Hwa-Young, who honed her jewelry-making skills in New York, and Atsushi Koizumi, who worked in an architectural firm in New York.

The ring is surrounded by the rich expressions of cats, such as a cat with its fur standing up in surprise, a cat with markings on its ears, and a Scottish Fold with droopy ears. Each cat has its own nose and eyes, and the design is very adorable. Please find your favorite one.

The size of the ring depends on the size of the cat with the diamond eyes; the S size has a diamond in the eye of a TNR cat with a cut ear.

Made in Japan

material 925 silver + K18 gold coating, diamond (approx. 0.01cts total)
size S size 9, cat motif approx. 6.5-7.0mm

The inner diameter of the ring is size 9. It is a little smaller than the usual size 9 because it is taller and has a lot of parts that stick to the finger.
The design is not resizable, so please check your size before purchasing.
  • ¥20,000